Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fashion for the New Year

Make this year new, and become a new you. Well... not entirely new. Just enhance your style. Start dressing in such a way that you can amp up your confidence. I know that when I dress good I feel good. And, the same can be for you. If your self-esteem isn't exactly where you want it to then try different clothes that may make you feel better inside and out. I know for me when I wear heels, or dresses my confidence goes through the roof! It isn't the outfit that changes you though. It's your view of yourself in said outfit. If you look at yourself and think "damn I look good" then the outfit is doing it's job.
Some tips to feeling confident include...

1. Where an outfit that fits your body type- If your outfit doesn't fit your body type then it is unlikely that you will feel the way you should feel in an outfit.

2. Dress to impress yourself- dress in a way that if you look in the mirror you will look in the mirror and think "wow... I look good today."

3. Where something you feel is comfortable- if you don;t feel comfy and that you can do anything in the outfit you're wearing, then it isn't the outfit for you.

Those are just a few tips that I have. I will write more later on. Hope you can use these tips to help be the you who you're meant to be this new year. I love you all and Happy Holidays!



  1. I used to not like to dress up very much but I recently discovered that when I did it often made me feel great! :) I can't do heels but sometimes I buy pretty flats :) Also- I agree to always be comfy!

  2. Good advice. I agree it's not the clothes but they can help definitely make you feel better about yourself. Someone once told me if you are having a bad self esteem day go and dress up in something nice and brush your hair because your mood will follow how you treat yourself.